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Regarding cloud ( if set to 0), is it that acquisition will not be planned if cloud is more that 0?

The cloud figure is a qualifier parameter, just that. The acquisition will not be planed if you have configured the sensor with a Cloud Constraint and the cloud figure is out of the defined bounds See more here:

Under sensor type in Sensor wizard, what is difference by steerable continuous, steerable enumarative and swath file?

Steerable continuous: Is a sensor which can be freely steerable to any intermediate position. Typically this is applicable to optical sensors mounted on board agile satellites where the full satellite platform is rolled to point to the desired looking angle. Steerable enumerative: Is a sensor which has a limited set of predefined looking positions.Typically this […]

What if TLEs are not getting updated from the websites provides by Taitus?

TLEs are normally retrieved from Taitus servers, from addresses like this Make sure your firewall is not blocking server If TLEs are not updated for too long (> 7 days) , SaVoir will write the satellite name in red. SaVoir will nevertheless continue using the latest available TLEs for the satellite, but you can […]