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What is SaVoir used for?

SaVoir is a standalone application for analyzing potential remote sensing opportunities of earth observation satellites. By combining satellite orbit, sensor field of view geometry, user-defined areas of interest, and system capabilities and constraints, SaVoir Configured Sensors determines exact times and footprints of sensing data takes.Check also our YouTube channel for examples of SaVoir use.

How do I install SaVoir software?

Releases of SaVoir are contained in self-extracting executable (.exe) files. To install a downloaded SaVoir release: 1. Close all programs.2. Double click the self-extracting (.exe) installation file to start the installation. An InstallShield wizard is launched to guide you step by step through the rest of the installation.3. Follow the InstallShield wizard instructions until the […]

What is the expiration date of a SaVoir license?

The software itself does not expire. You can continue to use the software forever. However, the maintenance package expires after one year. The maintenance package includes online support for problems, techniques, configuration and general usage of the software. Also, all upgrades (on average, one per month) are provided free of charge during this time. Upgrades, […]