“New Space Economy” is the title of the workshop, organised by AIPAS (the Association Of Italian Space Enterprises) and held at the ASI (Italian Space Agency) headquarter, last 20th of February.

Luca Rossettini, (AIPAS President) said:

“#Space is changing, attention and access to space is growing. The need for huge amounts of data from satellites is crucial and will only increase in the future”

With over 200 in attendance in 4 main sessions, the purpose of the workshop was to allow a comparison between the political, scientific and institutional worlds on the birth and evolution of the New Space Economy.

With this aim, it is important to “put in contact the main players in the space sector, such as the Italian and European institutions, the traditional market industry and representatives of the emerging new space market, with the aim of aligning the vision of the entire sector towards Italian growth also outside its national borders,” continues Mr. Rossetti.


During the event, also Elisabetta Trenta, the Italian Defence Minister, in her speech, talked about the importance of the Italian space economy even within the European framework:

“The New Space is replacing the traditional model and Italy must ensure that it is in the front line with a series of public and private initiatives.”

Details can found in the press release (available only in Italian).


Taitus is also preparing for the new Space economy. This year, we will participate in several symposium and meetings: the next one will be next week in Malaga.