On the list of events we have planned to attend during 2019, there was the New Space Economy European Expoforum. We have just spent three days at the Fiera di Roma to attend the event. We had the possibility to participate in the Union Camere Lazio pavillion together with other space-focused companies. We had the opportunity to present our work to various people in the space industry, introducing both our leading software SaVoir  and our European community funded project Hermes.
The interest is always high, due to the possibility of integrating the software with its various plugins, for its simplicity of use, for the cativating graphics (on which we are working a lot) which allows us to do the work in an intuitive way, along with a very competitive price. Having the opportunity to interact with companies that are not yet our customers, not only allows us to expand our customer base, but also  allows us to know the needs of potential customers in order to further improve our products.

Once again we think that networking and our presence at international events like the New Space Economy European Expoforum is a big opportunity to promote our company and to facilitate growth.

 Our next planned event will be in Malaga during February (25-27) for the Spanish Small Satellite International Forum. Stay tuned.