The 18th Space Control Squadron, located at the CSpOC, has confirmed the breakup of ORBCOMM’s first generation (OG1) satellite launched in 1998, FM 16, #25417. The time of breakup was at approximately 0712 UTC, 22 Dec 2018. 18 SPCS is tracking 34 associated pieces, all of which have been incorporated into routine conjunction assessment screenings. There is no indication that this breakup was caused by a collision with another object. 

18 SPCS tweet

The damaged OG1 satellite was no longer providing service, according to the company, their newer OG2 satellites launched in 2014 and 2015 is managing approximately 90 percent of all communication services.  

Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s CEO, said that the firm is investigating the reason behind the loss of the satellite.