SaVoir was developed originally for the European Space Agency to support operations of the International Charter for Space and Major Disasters (the Charter). The scope was to provide an easy to use tool to quickly identify potential acquisition opportunities over any area of interest and with any satellite and sensor combination, thus speeding the efforts in data ordering for disaster relief.

SaVoir is delivered fully configured with most of the currently flying optical and radar satellites (over 75) and their payloads, including Radarsats, RapidEyes, DMC, TerraSAR-X, SPOT, Kompsat, Formosat, NOAA, Landsat, Aqua, Terra, Cosmo-SkyMeds, WorldViews, Quickbird, Ikonos, CBERS, SAC-C, Cartosats, IRSs, EROSs, GeoEye, OrbViews, THEOS, TopSAT, KOMPSAT, Pleiades, EnMAP, Sentinel-1, 2, 3, and others. Configuring new missions is very easy with the help of wizards or by editing XML files. During maintenance support we provide also assistance in SaVoir configuration.