Our Products

Taitus produces software products for space-related activities specializing in, but not limited to, remote sensing applications. The software products are available in three different formats: Applications, Plugins, Libraries. The majority of our product offering is in applications. Over the years, we have been contracted to produce a number of customised applications to cover a wide variety of mission-specific as well as mission-independent requirements. In addition, we have highly-configurable and powerful applications which are extremely user-friendly due to a highly intuitive and user-oriented interface. With the plug-in architecture available in some of our applications, we are able to offer extensions and customisations by creating plug-ins. We also provide libraries and software development kits (SDKs) so that our clients can develop their own customised applications.





› Multiresolution 3D Map engine
› Integrated GIS

› Orbit analysis and propagation
› Satellite and sensor modelling

› HMA Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility
› Web Services via REST or SOAP

› Integration of Cloud statistics and predictions
› Open standards (e.g. WMS, GML, GIS, KML)