A new SaVoir version is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

  • New Dwell mode in which the satellite is maneuvered during the data take, extending the sensor exposition time by a configurable factor.

  • The functionality to download satellite mission plans is now available also for Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM).

    Handling of orbit files has been improved to allow
    • Configurable column based text formats.
    • Definition of a repeat cycle to manage propagation out of orbit file time boundaries

  • Eclipse constraint has been added to Areas of Interest.

  • New Downlink delay constraint is now available for sensors, enforcing a time gap between data sensing and its downlink. It replaces the “simultaneous downlink” option introduced in previous version.

  • Duration and Length constraints are now enhanced with a new “Gap” parameter implementing an optional minimum interruption interval in the acquisition sequence.

  • New range constraint for antennas, defining a range threshold for the contacts between satellite and antenna.

  • The functionality of recording a sequence of camera locations at different times has been enhanced, introducing time markers on the time bar.

  • New function to generate antenna visibilities with best pass, it generate a visibilities plan such that each satellite has one pass per orbit and it is the longest pass among those possible from several antennas. The function is accessible in menu Visibilities / Antenna to satellite best pass


And many other new features!