A new SaVoir version 8.2.0 is ready for download.

Discover all the new features and the configuration updates!


Main new features added

Two different look and feel themes

The GUI framework has been revisited to implement two different look and feel themes, DARK and LIGHT.

The DARK theme is now the default one.


The Quota costraint has been completely modified

The Quota constraint has been completely modified to accommodate custom duration periods and multiple quota definitions.

You may define one or more “quota items” specifying different quota constraints to be applied to the applicable facility (sensor, antenna , AOI).

In addition it is possible to define:

-Grouping constraint, an optional text string that identifies a quota group within the same satellite. Sensors of the same group will share the quota resource in a combined way.

-Several quota items with different specifications which should be complied with simultaneously.

Auto steering criteria has been improve

Auto steering criteria have a new option “Minimize Cloud Cover” which will select beams and FOV geometries which minimise the predicted cloud coverage.

Auto steering criteria has been improved with weighted optimization. In MIN OZA, MAX OZA and MIN CLOUDS criteria nothing would prevent that the selected beam would have an extremely low overlap with the AOI, which is not desirable. To prevent this, acquisitions are now weighted with the Area Coverage %.

Color map scales have new options

-Option to “clip out of range values” to not drawing pixels falling out of the defined scale

-Option to select a different scale color range by selecting a custom scale bitmap file

Color map scale cursor is now on the scale itself. When the mouse hovers over the map the scale cursor will move contextually to show the color map value at the mouse location.

Sun and moon eclipses

New tools for generating timelines of sun and moon eclipses.

Sun eclipse is shown on the map with its expected shadow. Choose low ambient light (View / Ambient light / Low) and select a clear color background map. At the times of the eclipse SaVoir will rerpresent the expected shadow of the moon over the earth’s surface.

You may select between smooth shading (0 eclipse steps) or stepped shading with discrete steps (e.g. 10 eclipse steps). The eclipse steps are configurable in the map style properties.

New Swath Select tool


New Swath Select tool, to select and highlight the swaths which intersect the area defined with the tool.

Check out the release notes here. For those with a previous version installed, it is possible to download the update through the Check for Updates function, in the Help menu.  For those without a license, the application is fully functional, with a 30-day free trial period.  If you need to extend the evaluation period, please contact us for an extension.