A new SaVoir version 9.0.0 is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

New Undo / Redo functionality over most editing actions in the GUI.

Activate it via short cut keys (Undo = Ctrl + Z, Redo = Ctrl + Y) or via menu Edit / Undo and Edit / Redo

The Undo stack is reset every time a new scenario is loaded and every time a new intersection analysis is performed.


  • Sensor steering algorithm has been revisited to improve its performance, in particular when targeting small areas of interest.
  • New analytical orbit propagator modelling up to J4 perturbation
  • New function Satellite sighting to obtain, for a given geographical location, the timelines of visibilities of satellites that can be observed with the naked eye.

  • New multi resolution base map of Sentinel-2 cloudless 20 metre per pixel mosaic

  • New satellite coverage footprint, showing in real time the instantaneous satellite conical visibility footprint on the Earth surface


  • New function to show in real time the Depth of Satellite Coverage which displays in a global map the number of satellites visible from any geographical location at any time instant. This is accessible from the Tools / Color maps menu

And many other new features!



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