A new SaVoir version 9.2.0 is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

  • New Planning report.It provides a summary report at the end of an intersection analysis or an optimization, summarizing the number of swaths, frames, swath durations, data size, total overlap , cumulated swath area, cumulated coverage percent and effective time span.
  • New “Reassign” function, to reassign highlighted swaths to the currently visible areas of interest.
  • New Gantt Auto scroll
  • Improved Yaw Steering calculation
  • Improved Synergic constraint.
  • New Tasking Latency
  • New satellite transition matrix
  • New highlight overlapping swaths
  • New installations do not reset previous configurations
  • Improved handling and presentation of Slew angle plots on the Gantt view for agile instruments


And many other new features!