A new SaVoir version is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

  • New thematic map backgrounds with monthly global statistical data for Carbon Monoxide, Chlorophyll concentration, Land surface temperature (day and night), Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Sea Surface temperature, Snow Cover, Vegetation index and Water Vapor. Data obtained from NASA and processed to be displayed in SaVoir.
  • Cloud cover statistical data has been reprocessed to include data of 2021
  • New “Quick select” wizard, to select satellites and sensors from the current scenario based on few criteria, like GSD, swath width, etc. Available via menu Edit / Wizards / Quick select… and satellite scenario pop up menus
  • Exporting and importing EODC files with new schema versions 1.5 and 2.1 has been upgraded to include when exporting and interpret when importing, correct schema addresses in the XML headers.
  • Added Ground Speed parameter optional calculation for swaths, calculating the average perceived satellite speed on ground on the swath center line, in the direction of the swath length.
  • Added swath Ground Speed plot on Gantt views
  • Added swath Ground Speed plot on the Plugin Charts as a function of time.


And many other new features!