A new SaVoir version is ready for download. Discover all the new features and the configuration updates

Main new features added

  • Updated constellation wizard with SAME_ORBIT_PLANE, to include new options for defining the orbit phasing and / or ensure repeat ground track between satellites.
  • New Wide View mode, which allows to plan multiple cross-adjacent data takes during the same pass by steering the satellite accordingly.
  • New orbit time shift function, implementing a configurable shift of the orbit time.
  • New length constraint, similar to the duration constraint, but allowing to define minimum and maximum swath boundaries in terms of swath length.
  • Week of year adjust. Now it is possible to adjust the week numbering by defining an offset of days for the current year. This setting will result in defining the week number 1 of the year, which could be the week that contains 1st of January, or the first complete week in the year.

    This is configured in Edit / Properties.

    The week number appears on the calendars, in a left side column.

  • Solar panels handling have been improved by adding an arrow to the sun, arrows with instantaneous power yield according to the sun angle, and new handling of rotating panels with the possibility to manage tilted orientations.


And many other new features!