Rome, 25th May, Sapienza University of Rome – Engineering Faculty


Mr. Felipe Martín Crespo, Taitus Software director, gave a lecture in a class of the Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering (DIAEE) of the Sapienza University, presenting SaVoir, Multi-Satellite Swath Planner.

The presentation provided students with advanced concepts, professional training and specific engineering skills, enabling them to address complex issues requiring analysis, development, simulation and optimization.

Prof. Fabio Santoni‘s Master in Space and Astronautical Engineering and Space Systems students attended the seminar and took the opportunity to get questions and doubts answered and curiosities satisfied. SaVoir proved once again to be a very useful tool for teaching and simulation purposes also in the academic field.

We look forward to strengthening our ties with universities and the academic world to provide mutual benefits to one another.