SaVoir was presented in the Aerospace Engineering Faculty – Sapienza University of Rome during a 3-day seminar about mission planning called Simulazione di scenari di missione (mission scenario simulation).

Mr. Felipe Martín Crespo, Taitus Software director, during the first lesson showed the participants how SaVoirworks and its functionalities during a theoretical class. The second lesson was a practice session and the students had the possibility to have a closer look at our SaVoir software and its functionalities, with the software installed on each of their PC’s.

Exercises were proposed to the students to better understand how to simulate and to plan satellite scenarios.

Last lesson was dedicated to Exercises solution and question and answer session.

Students were curious about the flight of the satellites and their configurations and gave us some suggestions to improve the usability of our software: that’s why we believe that there will be mutual benefits in training session like this.

To have more information about the event, it is possible to look here:

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