Taitus has become a member of AIPAS, the Association Of Italian Space Enterprises.


AIPAS is a non-profit association born in 1998 aimed at protecting the interests of Italian Space SMEs. Since 2007, AIPAS has allowed also large enterprises to participate in the association, becoming a good example of collaboration between SMEs and large enterprises with the aim of developing a favourable ecosystem for all space enterprises regardless of their size.

 AIPAS members are active both in the upstream and the downstream ends covering all aspects of the space value chain. They have competences in the principal technology domains, among which earth observation, navigation, telecommunication, space transportation, science and exploration, integrated applications/services, ground segment, etc.

 The exchange of know-how and information with other companies, start-ups and national SMEs in the space sector could further help and encourage the development of Taitus, allowing to expand its focus beyond earth observation, covering for example, the satellite navigation or telecommunications sector. AIPAS will help promote and support this process.